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<ngx-meta/> for Angular

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Set your Angular site's metadata: standard meta tags, Open Graph, Twitter Cards, JSON-LD structured data and more. Supports SSR (and Angular Universal). Use a service. Use routes' data. Set it up in a flash! πŸš€

Beta version

Current version is a beta. APIs are now very stable and very open for feedback. Version 1.0.0 will be published after it has been in the wild for a while


You have a nice Angular-powered website. You want to improve its SEO and decide to add some metadata in your pages. You also enable Server Side Rendering (SSR) so when search engines visit your site, metadata elements are already in the HTML returned by the server. You start adding nice <meta name="description"> to describe your home page. Then Open Graph metadata like <meta property="og:title"> to customize social cards / link previews. You use Angular's Meta APIs to insert those in your DOM. All good so far 😊

Now, you want to set metadata for another page of your site πŸ€”

Calls to Angular Meta APIs start appearing in many places around. Object literals specifying <meta> definitions breed like rabbits πŸ‡ You also have to ensure when changing pages that metadata from a page doesn't stay there when visiting another. It's all starting to be a bit tedious πŸ˜…

If only there was a way to easily specify metadata I want for each page in a declarative fashion and forget about it πŸ™ You're in the right place then πŸŽ‰ This library will definitely help you πŸ₯³

πŸ—ΊοΈ Start exploring

New users

First, welcome πŸ₯°

Wondering why this library and not another one? Take a look at why section. Probably most interesting parts are features and comparison pages.

For the hands-on devs (this is the way), get started now ⚑️

Existing users

Take a look at guides to refresh your knowledge. Like the one about setting metadata programmatically using the service, in a declarative fashion using route's data. Or how metadata values JSON is shaped.

Go deeper by:

Are you by any chance looking for the API reference?